ASPIA presents...

"Understanding the Difference makes the Difference"

A conference for Adults with Asperger's Syndrome, partners, parents, siblings, families, therapists, educators, employers, service providers and other interested people and groups.

Dates: SUNDAY 23 October 2005, 9am – 5pm
MONDAY 24 October 2005, 9am – 5pm
Venue: Wests Leagues Club Ashfield, Entertainment Lounge
115 Liverpool Road (Hume Hwy)
Ashfield NSW 2131
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SUNDAY 23 October 2005, 9am – 5pm

CHRIS and GISELA SLATER-WALKER, UK Authors of "An Asperger Marriage" will present four seminars focusing on Asperger's Syndrome in marriage. Drawing from their own personal experiences they will describe how undiagnosed AS affected their relationship; the difference diagnosis can make for both partners, including parenting issues; daily challenges in the life of an adult with AS including education, employment, etc; and fourthly, suggested strategies for avoiding pitfalls and enabling more effective communication. Question time.

MONDAY 24 October 2005, 9am – 5pm

ROGER MEYER, from the USA and diagnosed with AS in 1997 at age 55, Writer, Mediator, Advocate " … of a different mind", will present four workshops focusing more specifically on the needs of the Adult with Asperger's Syndrome. His topics will cover pre-, during and post diagnosis process, late diagnosis, adult support, relationships, education, employment, the consequences of generational denial of AS in a family, finding a good personal counsellor, vocational and career counselling, peer-led adult support groups, discussion about the pitfalls and rifts existing among Autism Advocacy Organisations, etc. Question time.


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The theme for our conference is "Understanding the Difference, makes the Difference" and is being presented as a more general coverage of issues relating to Asperger's Syndrome in adults, but with particular emphasis on marriage and family issues.
We are hoping that through this conference we can increase awareness of Asperger's Syndrome in adults in general and thereby generate more curiosity among professionals and the general community which in turn should lead to Asperger's Syndrome being more readily identified and diagnosed, and more effective help provided.
Our experience in ASPIA (GRASP) over the last couple of years is showing clearly that information and understanding do make an enormous difference, with many partners and couples managing better as a result.  We have also heard many stories of adults with Asperger's Syndrome (AS) finding great relief at discovering their AS.
We hope to spread this message, and invite you to pass on the conference information to as many contacts you have who could benefit from more information, particularly GP's, counsellors and counselling organisations, women's health centres, religious organisations, etc.
Collectively, we have many stories of having been disbelieved for many years because of lack of awareness among the help professions, and because of the hidden and misleading behaviours caused by AS.  This is a wonderful opportunity to follow up on some of those past experiences and help increase awareness wherever you can.

Book stockists BOOK-IN-HAND will be attending, offering a comprehensive range of books on Asperger's Syndrome and Autism, including titles by our speakers.



Cost for each day is $85 per person ($80 pp if two or more from same family)
Cost for both days is $160 per person.
Includes Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea.



Club is located on northern side of Hume Hwy, just south of railway line, several hundred metres from intersection with Parramatta Rd. There are traffic lights at Club entry making access by car from either direction simple. Club will be open from approximately 8am for café and restroom facilities.

By rail, allow 10 minute walk from Ashfield Railway Station (courtesy bus can be arranged).



Free Parking beside and under Club (with overflow in nearby Victoria Street)



Accommodation nearby is budget but ok: Westside Motor Inn, Ph: 9797 7711, Ashfield Motor Inn, Ph: 9798 0333, Ashfield Manor, Ph: 9798 0088, Phillip Lodge Motel, Ph: 9797 9411 or visit two weeks prior to event.



All conference enquiries: Carol Grigg, 0408 817 828. Email:
ASPIA INC ABN 30 583 771 917, PO Box 57 Macarthur Square LPO MACARTHUR NSW 2560



Registration form for download. Prices inclusive of GST. Cheques or money orders. Direct deposit to bank account available. Registrations close Wednesday, 12 October 2005.


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